A project focused on improving the party life experience of Dartmouth students.Github Repo

Show and Tell #1

Introduction to OnNight with our initial design ideas and MVC.

Show and Tell #2

Preliminary UI and logic of OnNight, including some backend. In addition, a threaded MVC.

Download APK

Here is the APK of the app for Demo Day!


View the Model/View/Controller diagram for OnNight to learn about how the app works with Firebase and a database!

About Us

We are both aspiring computer science students at Dartmouth College!

Sudharsan Balasubramani

Sudharsan is a '22 at Dartmouth pursuing Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering. He thinks Maria is the best!'

Maria Roodnitsky

Maria is a '22 at Dartmouth pursuing Computer Science and Mathematical Data Science. Maria is the b e s t!'